I’ve always wondered when the perfect time to start travelling was. In the past, I’ve gone over a ton of articles that advise individuals to start travelling while their young, “Yolo,” “live life,” these phrases, and articles are a bit discouraging towards the elder folk, and I don’t want them to think that they’ve passed the time that they should travel. From my point of view, I believe that post-retirement is the best time to start travelling because you’re financially more stable, there’s no pressure on you to concentrate on your career, and you know exactly what you want.

Taken during a pit-stop Enroute Kolar.

Heres a small excerpt that has led me to believe that travelling is unquestionably possible when you’re older and can make a huge difference in your lives. Everyone has dear memories of a school teacher who they have admired and has, in many ways, changed their lives. My physics professor introduced me to a new perspective on things during the era of untied shoelaces and timetables, and he continues to enlighten me today. Despite retirement, due to his love and passion for teaching, he continues to tutor students at home, and in his free time, he enjoys long solo bike rides. This intrigued me, and so I had to ask him about it. I listen in rapt attention as he begins tells me about his trips.

“I’ve always admired the royal Enfield Bike.”, he says, that’s what made him purchase the bike, and it urged him to start going on these long-distance journeys to different parts of the country alone. I think this is the best time to begin gallivanting because there’s little to no pressure on you, you’ve already achieved most of your goals, and there’s practically zero weight on you to take on more responsibilities, and so this is the best time to do something for yourself and go on an adventure. He says his family members were amused with his decision, being a man of 57 years of age, it’s an uncommon choice. He added that a lot of people advised him not to buy the motorbike as they feared he might face health issues and challenges later on, but he was eager to purchase it. He was still as strong-willed as I had remembered him to be, determined to do as he wants even if other people advise against it.

“But have you faced any challenges or issues?”, I asked. He was pleased with his decision, he laughed and said ”once you decide you want to do something, you just go ahead and do it“ and added, “whatever challenges you come across after that, all become negligible.” I think that one significant benefit of growing old is that you have a better and clearer understanding of what you want. You are free to do what you want, and you can absorb all the new experiences at your own pace, you have no one to answer to, and no one can stop you from doing what makes you happy.

He said that he started off doing short-distance rides to Kolar, he wanted to start small, so he could get a feel of how things would be so that he could prepare well before he committed to something bigger, and then he gradually started going on longer rides. His first long ride was to Yelagiri, which is a beautiful hill station located in the newly formed Tirupattur district of Tamil Nadu, India.

Yercaud a township in Tamil nadu

He says that he typically goes to places to meet people, old friends from school, etc. It helped him stay socially active. After this trip, he has had numerous amount of other long-distance trips to places like Yercaud, Horsley hills, etc. He said that these rides made him happy and made him feel like he was “self-reliant,” and that not having to wait for anybody or any transportation to take you from place to place was delightful. When I asked him why he chose now to start these trips, he said that he’d never had the time before because he had commitments with work and other things and was quite busy, and now that he has enough free time, he can do it comfortably with no restrictions. He says that most people seem to go on these journeys/rides to boast, but for him, it’s genuinely for his benefit and happiness. He says that the feelings he feels and bliss he experiences when he goes on a ride is unimaginable. His travels have been much more to him than just great memories. He says he has begun to understand people even better now and exclaims that it, of course, is the reason he is active and full of energy. Yes, he has his next adventure planned. The excitement of the upcoming trip fills his spirit with enthusiasm.

Age is no barrier when it comes to travel, and you are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.

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