Almost 80% of the elders aged 60-70 are using smartphones. I’m writing this blog to remind you that elders have adopted technology and are quite excited about it. I have made a list of innovations aimed at seniors that have made me go wow!

Innovation for aging foodies

Jokes apart, loss of appetite in seniors is real. Needing someone to help you eat can only add to the problem. We at oncierre are really concerned about preserving the dignity of seniors. We believe that dignity goes a long way in boosting confidence and morale which helps seniors stay happier. This means they feel more healthy, enjoy better immunity and of course their friends and family would actually enjoy hanging around them. 

  • What is it? An auto stabilizing eating utensil that does not care if your handshakes. Period. 
  • Which means at least 70% of the food is going into granny’s mouth.

  • What is it? A really, really well-designed dining set. Basically, thoughtfully crafted cutlery for seniors.
  • Do make sure you see this video where ‘Sha Yao’ the creator explains her design.
  • Not sure about you but, the appetite-inducing effect works on me, I’m totally salivating as I am writing this. Read more at:

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