If you are a super active senior citizen with a day plan. Hustling through the 24 hours of the day then this article is not for you. It is perhaps for your bored friends and or family members.

Since ages, babysitting has largely been the responsibility of grandparents. This is the 21st century where fancy technology and nuclear family structures are perhaps keeping kids away from their doting grandparents. This article hopes to highlight how babysitting can relieve anxiety, fear, and depression and also provide tips helpful to start babysitting.

Babysitting is renewing hope & positivity

Be it kids, babies, young adults, teens, dogs, or cats whoever you have the good fortune to babysit, they have something in common. They are full of positivity, hope, and life energy. Hanging out with them definitely helps people loosen up and become a child themselves. It is proven that being a care provider for the above mentioned unruly creatures is amazing for mental health. You may find a research paper or two linked below.

Some are blessed to be living close to their grandkids and or have pets themselves. Empty nest syndrome and or a lack of action in their life is certainly not their reality. Children and pets provide a sense of purpose and keeping up with them is certainly more fun than you can imagine.

Starting babysitting

Now that you are sold to the idea of babysitting, let’s look at how we can go ahead in spite of not having grandkids living closeby or pets of our own.

– Move closer to live near/with your grandkids.

– Consider bringing home a pet

Here is a senior friendly pet selection guide for you

– Look for nanny requirements that are available close by. It does not have to be only your grandkid, right?

– Similar opportunities are available to care for pets owned by others

– Expand your target audience to include kids of all ages and sizes. They may need advanced babysitting skills to engage them but we can learn.

Few tips for babysitting different age groups

You are really the expert when it comes to babysitting kids ages 1-5 so no tips there. Although, having a nanny for physically challenging tasks and keeping an eye out while you take a nap is a great idea.

Here is an article that highlights a few lesser known aspects of babysitting toddlers.

Kids ages 5 – 10 are nowadays using a lot of technology and prefer to be alone. So I highly recommend you to watch what they watch on youtube and prepare yourself so that you can relate to them. You can literally head over to youtube and type “what do 10yr olds watch on youtube?” While you are at it, you could also look up “fun stuff to do with 10 yr olds.”

Most teens 11 – 19 are more empathetic now than ever and really sweet, caring about the world and everything. But their schools don’t teach them any skills and there are many fun things to do with your teenage grandkids. Learning essential life skills like pressing a shirt, changing the engine oil, growing an indoor plant, cooking basic foods, stitching a button, etc can be a lot of fun.

Young adults 20 – 25 are preoccupied, biased, and have an opinion on everything. Their lifestyles are bad and many ignore exercise. Winning a relationship with them may involve showing off that you are badass in subtle ways. For example getting on social media like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok which is popular amongst them. When the time is right they would probably join you for tai chi or yoga sometime.

These are just a few of the things that come to mind. But surely your friends and other experienced babysitters would have lots to offer you.

A great babysitting experience

While you may be eager to start, let’s keep in mind there is always an option to start slow, maybe 1- 2 hours a day. While volunteering it is easy to bite off more than you can chew and you realize full-time babysitting is not for you. Let’s start small and also keep in mind like any other job you get days off.

Maybe some of you don’t like changing diapers and making TikTok videos or perhaps you just prefer a more mature company. In that case, you can also do a course in babysitting adults! By learning skills like Cognitive behavioural therapy, you can do your bit of care-providing from your comfort zone. There are a lot of adults who just need someone to talk to.

And of course, reaching out for help goes both ways, feel free to seek help on youtube as well as from experienced friends and family.

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