Are you ready for Toddle Patrol?

Babysitting infants of age 1 to 3 or toddlers pose unique challenges. This guide is for anyone who wants to take up the toddler patrol duty seriously. A must-read for newbies, but it could highlight fresh aspects of ‘toddler patrol’ even for a seasoned baby sitter.

They are called ‘toddlers’ as they ‘toddle’ or try to walk with unsteady steps. It is hard to communicate clearly. They are curious and could toddle quickly into trouble. Toddlers who aren’t potty trained need to have their diapers checked. Lastly, toddlers learning to talk might pick up words spoken by you very quickly. Basically the point I’m trying to make is one has to be very conscious while babysitting toddlers.

  1. Anything small & colourful means it goes in the mouth.

From foods that cause allergies to toys. It is not uncommon for children to put it in their mouth. Being aware if they have any particular allergies beforehand can help you keep it out of reach. Additionally, make sure that their food is cut into small and moist morsels to avoid choking.

It could be perhaps wise to take a child safety course to learn better about children and their needs better. Communities like Red Cross offer specialized programs on various ways to supervise children effectively. Specific manoeuvers taught in such programmes can relieve a choking child.

  1. Make a Preparation Checklist

Make sure you have the following information ready with you before you babysit.

Important Contact Numbers

  • The parents
  • Family friend
  • The paediatrician
  • Emergency helplines

Medical Information and Aid

  • Specific Allergies
  • Medication and Dosage
  • Location of the First Aid Kit
  1. Stay Alert

Unlike older kids, toddlers cannot be left alone even for a moment. They can crawl into a wardrobe drawer or chew on a piece of paper within a matter of seconds. They need to be watched all the time. Make sure you aren’t using your mobile phone while watching a toddler. A good time to return an important call could be when the toddler is asleep. Even if you need a quick washroom break, you should do that only after placing the toddler safely in his crib.

  1. Keep them engaged

Babysitting toddlers is especially difficult because they are full of curious energy. They love to explore new things and places. Keeping the toddler’s mind engaged can make babysitting easier for you. Take the toddler outdoors in a stroller. Visit a nearby park. It will not only refresh both of you but also keep the toddler busy as he would be absorbing the visuals of new faces, colours and nature.

Babysitting toddlers is a lot of work but once you know your way around them, it is very rewarding and purposeful activity to be engaged in.

There many points I may have missed. Please write to us at with your suggestions and we shall surely include them. Additionally, do leave us a comment and share this article with someone you care about. After all spreading love and care is what we are here for.

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