Nothing brings your life more into perspective than a visit to NIMHANS. Makes you wonder what defines mental health. Why do some pass off as sane while others are deemed to be having mental health issues. For those who are supposed to be ill are perfectly fine in their own world, just as others are in theirs. So, who gets to define it? And with so many amongst us being increasingly affected by it where exactly do you draw the line between mental well-being and illness? While you can define illness how do you define health, especially mental, since at least when someone is physically unwell, they are able to express it and seek help whereas the very nature of mental illness prevents us from seeking help, also, since there seems to be no predictable cause that it can be attributed to either. There is just no rhyme or reason for why some of us should have it and some of us don’t. There are no viruses or bacteria that we can isolate and kill and make things better. If it is a chemical imbalance in the brain, why is it that we can’t just tip the balance back with some other chemicals and magically fix this? 

We have a long way to go in understanding mental health and finding a permanent cure for the various kinds of mental health issues that we have bucketed into fancy names. But even within those buckets each person is as different as there are number of people in this world. No two people (with or without mental health issues) are the same. While we attempt to control the symptoms with various medications, what really could help would be to look out for each other. Watch for signs that someone may need help. No one should live a reclusive life in isolation. Reach out and talk to that neighbour who seems to be living alone. Talk to that colleague who keeps to himself. Pick up the phone and call that classmate who hasn’t stayed in touch with anyone. Increasing life expectancy means a lot of us are going to live much longer than our forefathers – seek help when you find something wrong with yourself. The pandemic, and social distancing are leading to more mental health issues than ever before. 

This World Mental Health Day, let us resolve to be more aware of people around us, who might need help. 

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